Bull Stockwell Allen is an award winning architecture, interior design and planning firm known for its work in hospitality and resort projects, including a specialty in snow country design throughout North America and abroad.


Hyland Hills Chalet

As part of a multi-disciplinary team of mountain resort planning, design and operations specialists, Bull Stockwell Allen worked with the Three Rivers Park District to create a better base-area experience for a highly used public ski and snowboard area. Project components include a new 37,000 sf day lodge and significantly improved retail, rental and dining. The upper level of the facility serves as a year-round special event and meeting space. Operational efficiencies are incorporated to improve guest access and circulation. Other improvements include public transportation, remote parking and a defined drop-off area, in order to mitigate local impacts.  Bull Stockwell Allen Design Architect in association with Partners & Sirny Architects.




Twin Cities, Michigan


HHSA / Three Rivers Park District